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Spiritual Love

A Carlisle/Esme Community

Spiritual Love: A Carlisle/Esme Community
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"Carlisle brought his compassion. Esme brought her ability to love passionately." - Twilight, Soul Mates

Welcome to esmecarlisle, a community for fans of Carlisle/Esme from the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer.

1. All posts must be related to Carlisle/Esme or Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser. Posts may also be about just Esme or just Carlisle if you so wish.

2. Let's all be polite, folks. No bashing of Carlisle/Esme. Try and keep bashing of other pairings to be a bare minimum.

3. Fics, graphics, essays and fanmixes MUST include a header (e.g. Title, Author/Creator, Summary/Content) and a warning for adult material if applicable.

4. If there are any problems in the community (with the layout, other people, etc), please contact the moderator here.

5. Tag your entries! Tags can be seen here..

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