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Ut Pictura Poesis

Since so many of them are hitting FF/fandom for the first time...

...I though I'd toss out my Carlisle/Esme pieces here first.

Title: 1922, Esme's First Mistake
Characters/Pairing: Esme/Carlisle, Edward
Rating: Pretty General
Spoilers: None, background?
Summary:We're told early on that Edward and Carlisle had never slipped up and killed someone by accident, which led to the conclusion everyone else in the family must have a story about that. This is just some puttering on Esme's first mistake seen through Edward's eyes.

Title: whether time be fast or slow
Characters/Pairing: Esme/Carlisle
Rating: General, Schmoop
Spoilers: None, it's placed anywhere
Summary: A drabble prompt; "Esme/Carlisle, and an early morning drive at a perfectly legal and human pace"

Title: Shy
Characters/Pairing: Esme Cullen
Rating: General
Spoilers: None
Summary: Esme never out grows doing shy exquisitely well. Icon Challenge Drabble fic.

Title: A Garden
Characters/Pairing: Esme Cullen
Rating: General
Spoilers: None, all of canon
Summary: Esme if asked, would tell you being a mother is a lot like gardening. Icon Challenge fic.

Title: 1922, and then you change the world again
Characters/Pairing: Edward, pov about Carlisle/Esme
Rating: General, a little rough in places
Spoilers: Early, early Cullen times
Summary: Edward's multifaceted reactions to Esme/Carlisle, which results in a walk and an unexpected surprise of his own. Esme/Carlisle, and Edward/Carlisle if you squint hard enough. Mostly just a changing world, and something beautiful.

Title: 1927, What is Grief to Esme Cullen?
Characters/Pairing: Esme/Carlisle
Rating: General
Spoilers: Edward has just left the Carlisle & Esme for his Rebellion Years
Summary: A reflection on Esme's mind and heart shortly after Edward leaves them for his Rebellion Years.

Title: 1931, dimmed eyes gave bliss
Characters/Pairing: Esme & Edward, with reference to Esme/Carlisle
Rating: General
Spoilers: Edward's Rebellion Years
Summary: Set very shortly after Edward's return to Esme & Carlisle. In the very first few weeks. With references to 'his brute question, in that hour' and '1927, What is Grief to Esme Cullen?'

Title: 1931, but lightly
Characters/Pairing: Esme & Edward, with references to Carlisle
Rating: General
Spoilers: Edward's Rebellion Years
Summary: Another snippet between Esme & Edward, set very shortly after Edward's return in 1931. After '1931, dimmed eyes gave bliss.' With reference especially to Carlisle and Edward, especially to The Day After in 'his brute question, in that hour.'

Title: she walks the thin line between the body and the soul
Characters/Pairing: Esme/Carlisle, Edward/Carlisle, potentially Esme/Carlisle/Edward
Rating: General really
Spoilers: Uh, right past Edward's rebellion years
Summary: So very AU. Esme has been doing some thinking about why Edward left and how her husband was during his absence, and here's another AU of what could have happened in 1931.
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